Peninsula Animal Hospital and Orthopedics

38375 Old Stage Road
Delmar, DE 19940


Several types of orthopedic surgeries are offered including:

Cranial cruciate ligament repair using either 1) antirotational suture, 2) fascia lata graft, or 3) tibial tuberosity advancement.

Patella (knee cap) luxation repair.

Bone fracture repair using bone plating, intramedullary pins, external fixation devices, or splints.

Pelvis/hip fracture repair using bone plating ilium, ischial, and acetabular fractures.

Hip dislocation repair using toggle pin device to secure reduction.

Hip dysplasia relief by a femoral head osteotomy.

Early hip dysplasia treatment by juvenile pubic symphesoidesis surgery.

Please inquire about early (4 months of age) hip dysplasia detection by Penn HIP X-rays or by OFA X-rays at 2 years of age.