Peninsula Animal Hospital and Orthopedics

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Emergency Care:  Please call our main telephone number (302) 846-9011 for instructions for after-hour emergencies. Emergency calls will be forwarded to Dr. Haberstroh after hours.   Dr. Haberstroh is available to discuss your pet's emergency over the phone and will determine how to best care for your pet during his/her emergency problem.

Typical problems that require after-hours assistance include:

Breathing problems (labored breathing, persistent coughing or wheezing, severe congestion/nasal discharge)

Extreme weakness (pet is unable to rise, walk, staggers, is not able to lift head or move)

Allergic reaction (swollen face/eyes/nose; hives; welts; severe itching that came on suddenly)...this sometimes can progress to difficulty breathing if the throat swells and narrows.

Persistent Vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite associated with weakness and inactivity.

Known poison exposure (antifreeze, rat poison, accidental human medication ingestion, accidental illegal drug exposure, chemicals/pesticides, poisonous plants, noxious fumes, smoke inhalation)

Seizures/convulsions:  A pet that has a seizure lasting more than 2 minutes or having multiple, brief convulsions is an emergency. 

Severe ear pain...very red ears with severe pain (biting when you try to touch ears, foul odor with large amounts of discharge in ear canal)

Eye problem: Sudden onset of squinting; vigorously rubbing at the eye, green, yellow, or bloody discharge; foreign object (thorn, grass, wood); scratch to the cornea/eyeball; sudden blindness; sudden change in the pupil size and blindness; blood or cloudy fluid visible in the eyeball; very red/bloodshot/irritated eye.

Orthopedic emergencies:  Sudden accident/trauma and now pet is not bearing weight on his/her leg, constant whining and pain of a leg.

Reproductive Emergencies: Strong contractions lasting for 30 minutes without producing a puppy/kitten.  Weak/Intermittent contractions lasting more than 1-2 hours without the production of a puppy/kitten. Green, black, or bloody discharge seen BEFORE the FIRST puppy/kitten is delivered.  Any distress, weakness, labored breathing from the mother or puppy/kitten that is concerning to you.

Urinary Problems;  Straining to urinate without the production of any urine.  Severe pain associated with attempting to urinate.  Blood visible in urine.  Attempting to urinate without production of urine can quickly become life threatening.  Young, male cats are especially at risk for complete urinary blockages.  If your male cat has been straining to urinate and is crying while in the litter box and becomes lethargic call promptly....this is an emergency.

Any problem that is unusual and worrisome to you,land not ordinary behavior for your pet which concerns you after hours is considered an emergency.  Please call Dr. Haberstroh for advice.