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Oh No! My Pet Needs Surgery!
What do I do now?

When your pet has been diagnosed with a torn ACL and you hear the word surgery, a lot of questions might fly through your head. As a pet parent, it can be nerve-racking knowing where to go from here and what to do. At Peninsula Animal Hospital and Orthopedics, we have developed a page specifically dedicated to pre and post operation surgical needs for your pet. This way, you and your pet are prepared for the procedure. Post op care is extremely important for any orthopedic surgery and must be followed as described. 

Post Surgery Care Guides, Books and Additional Information

Top Dog Logo For information regarding post-surgery and the rehabilitation of your pet after surgery, please visit

This is one of the best websites regarding orthopedic surgeries and post-op care.

There are specific articles and resources on the website that help you with the post op care, including a home rehabilitation how-to video. You can download a rehab guide, specific to your dogs surgery, that outlines the weekly care during your dogs recovery. 

One of our pet parents utilized the TPLO Rehab Guide and found it extremely helpful regarding what exercises to perform weekly as well as outlining any possible concerns that may arise.

These guides can be purchased or downloaded for free. 
To download the guide specific for your dogs orthopedic surgery, visit: 

Top Dog Health Rehab Guides

For additional information regarding after surgery care and pet parents first hand experiences, please visit the following websites:

Med Vet Recovery Guide

Preparing for TPLO Surgery:  A Pet Parent's Perspective

Considering Surgery?

Veterinary Partner: Rehab following TPLO

For additional information regarding
joint supplements for your pet, please visit the following websites


Pet Goodness Liquid Glucosamine

Helpful Books for Pet Parents

The Essential Dog Owner's Manual for CCL Injury: What to Do Before, During  & After Surgery - Kindle edition by Spinelli, Carla J.. Crafts, Hobbies &  Home Kindle eBooks @
To purchase this book, please visit the following link:
The Essential Dog Owner's Manual for CCL Injury
CruciateTPLO TTA
To purchase any of these guides, please visit the following link:
Top Dog Health Rehab Guides

Ramp Information

Once your surgery is scheduled, the next step is to prepare for home and acquire ramps for travel or where steps are present. We recommend you buy a ramp prior to surgery so that you can get your pet used to the ramp. After the pet comes home from surgery, it is highly recommended that the pet does NO stair climbing. A ramp is a necessity. Here are some helpful links regarding making a ramp or buying one. 

Pen Animal Dog Ramp

To make a ramp, check out this website:

How to Build a Dog Ramp

To purchase building plans for to make a ramp, check out this website: 

Dog Ramp Building Plans

Tucker Murphy™ Pet Zenobia 72" Pet Ramp & Reviews | Wayfair
To purchase a ramp, check out or Both places have various options for ramps, including telescopic and folding ramps. 

One of our pet parents purchased the Zenobi Pet Ramp (Gen7Pets Natural Step) and was very pleased. The ramp is covered in a fake grass that allowed more grip and a natural feeling for their dog.

For more information regarding this specific ramp, check out: Gen7Pet Ramp on Amazon 
 Zenobia Pet Ramp on Wayfair

Harness and Stability Support

Your pet will be sent home with a harness for support. You can either purchase one online or at Peninsula Animal Hospital and Orthopedics. 

Another helpful tool post-surgery is a harness, specifically a Help ‘Em Up Harness. This allows the pet parent to successfully help and support their pet with very little effort or stress.

The full-body lifting device assists owners in helping get their pet up and it especially helpful for the first several weeks following surgery.

You can purchase one online or at Peninsula Animal Hospital and Orthopedics.
For more information, please visit:
Help 'Em Up Harness

Help Em Up Harness : Dog Sling Portable Back Legs Hip Support Harness Soft Assist  Lift Harness for Canine Aid and Old K9 Senior Injured Disabled Ligament  Rehabilitation and After ACL Surgery : Pet Supplies
An additional post surgery support that is offered is a sling support. Please inquire at Peninsula Animal Hospital and Orthopedics for more information.

For additional information regarding surgical questions (ie anesthesia or pain control), please visit our Surgical FAQ's.